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Do you need tree removal services? Arbortech can make the impossible, possible. We’ve been making Andover, CT clients happy for the past 16 years we’ve been in business. We can take down even the most obstructed or structurally compromised trees in a controlled, safe manner. Our specialty is in advanced climbing and rigging techniques. These skills enable us to remove a tree with or without large machinery. Because every property is unique, we come out to survey and discuss a plan of action that fits your budget.

Open communication is established throughout your interactions with Arbortech. Being on the same page provides two important elements: our team has a clear understanding of your expectations and you have the peace of mind that comes from understanding our team’s approach to your project.  Customer service is a priority to us. We are more than happy to do anything we can to help put you at ease while we are working on your property.

We are a licensed arborist, member of the Connecticut Tree Protective Association and bring more than 25 years of experience. Get a tree estimate today to get started.

“What a wonderful experience working with these people. Very friendly and professional, and really listen to your needs and what you’d like to see as the final outcome (VERY important). I didn’t realize what a facelift my yard needed until they were done. The forest was growing into my lawn, and now, it’s all clear so I get light again!

Not only did they do the job of clearing trees back, they did a fantastic job of trimming hedges and cleanup. You honestly would never know anyone was ever here, aside from the very nice yard I have now. I can’t recommend this company highly enough! Very hard working and true professionals.”

Bill C. 2019, from Andover, CT

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