Tree Removal Is Our Thing

Arbortech Tree Service delivers professional tree removal services for more than 20 towns across Connecticut.

Put our highly skilled tree removal specialists to work. With more than 25 years of experience and thousands of happy clients, we’re proud to provide quality tree removal services for the residents of Connecticut.

The first step of the tree removal process involves getting one of our team members out to your property for an assessment. During this initial consultation we will discuss your concerns and objectives. We will take a look at the trees in question, the layout of your property, and evaluate the logistical elements of the job. We are great communicators and will keep you informed as we determine what equipment and access-ways will be used to get your results.

Take a look below at some key elements involved in getting a tree removal project done!

We love trees; however, there comes a time when removal may be the most practical course of action.

Removal may be necessary if:

  • The trees pose a threat to your assets (driveway, shed, loved-ones, playscape).
  • The trees detract from the aesthetic value of your property.
  • The trees shade your pool during prime sunbathing hours.
  • Your property feels over-crowded and you want to expand your lawn.

Our licensed arborist and team of professionals have years of experience assessing the quality of trees and how they may impact your home.

This piece of equipment enables us to work on hazardous trees from a safe distance. With an impressive 75 feet reach we are able to accomplish most residential tree removal jobs with this beast!

The use of a bucket truck also increases the speed and efficiency with which we get the job done… which means less cost to you!

It’s our competitive edge! When your tree is located in an area where there is no access for tree removal equipment such as a bucket truck, crane or spider lift… we can still get the job done!

All it takes is a trained climber, a chainsaw and some ropes.

We have climbers on our team with over 25 years of experience in the field. Whatever it takes, we get the job done safely.

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