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Behind the decision to undergo a tree removal project is the expectation of a beautiful, open space around your home after the job is complete. When a tree company tears up your landscape with their heavy machinery during the process, all you’re accomplishing is the exchange of one eye sore for another.  With Arbortech, we always plan our approach based on the layout of your property. We take into account variables such as sprinkler systems and prized gardens, as safety and completing the job at a reasonable price are top priorities.

Our 75’ bucket truck is equipped to remove trees of any size at with ease. But when the damage of heavy machinery outweighs its usefulness, we turn to our advanced climbing techniques for a less invasive approach. The beauty of working with an experienced tree removal company includes having multiple techniques at your disposal to help ensure a safe and impeccable outcome. We also offer tree trimming and stump grinding services for that extra finishing touch.

We are a licensed arborist, member of the Connecticut Tree Protective Association and bring more than 25 years of experience. Get a tree estimate today to get started.

“Arbortech came out to remove a large dead maple and 2 dying spruce trees. They arrived on time, which nowadays is a rare thing. Very courteous and professional. They were very aware of the impact that the tires would have on my lawn and kept it to a minimum. They did an awesome job with the cleanup when the job was done. They were almost half the price of some of their competitors. I cannot say enough about this company. I would recommend them in a heartbeat. Great job Justin and crew”

Steven F., Ashford, CT

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