Delivering Trusted Tree Removal Services to Tolland, CT Residents

Tolland’s Trees: A Heritage to Cherish

Tolland, Connecticut, boasts a rich tapestry of history and natural beauty. Towering trees stand as silent guardians, their branches whispering tales of the past and providing a calm haven on a summer’s day. At Arbortech, we understand these trees’ vital role in Tolland’s character. Our certified arborists are dedicated to safeguarding this legacy, offering a comprehensive suite of tree care services to ensure Tolland’s trees’ continued health and beauty for generations to come.

Our Comprehensive Tree Care Services for Tolland:

Tree Removal: When necessary, our certified arborists will safely and efficiently remove diseased, damaged, or hazardous trees.

Tree Trimming & Pruning: Regular tree trimming promotes healthy growth, prevents branches from interfering with power lines or structures, and allows more sunlight to penetrate your property.

Arborist Services: Our CT-DEEP State-Certified Arborist can diagnose tree health issues and advise on proper tree care practices specific to Tolland’s environment.

Emergency Tree Services: We offer 24/7 emergency tree services to address fallen trees, broken branches, and other hazards, minimizing disruptions and keeping your property safe.

Stump Grinding: Leftover stumps are unsightly and potentially hazardous, hindering lawn care and landscaping projects. Our professional stump grinding services remove stumps efficiently and leave your yard smooth and ready for new beginnings.

Lawn Expansion: Our arborists can help you achieve your landscaping goals while safeguarding valuable trees.

The Essential Contribution of Healthy Trees to Tolland’s Landmarks

Healthy trees are crucial to Tolland’s vibrant landmarks, contributing significantly to the beauty and ecological health of Crandall Park and Tolland Green areas. These lush, green spaces offer residents and visitors a serene escape into nature, enhancing the community’s well-being. The charming town center, quaint coffee shops, and picturesque River Park are adorned with well-maintained trees that provide shade and aesthetic appeal. Heron Cove Park is another testament to the town’s natural beauty, offering a peaceful retreat. The annual Tolland Agricultural Fair showcases the town’s rich agricultural heritage and community spirit, with healthy trees providing a scenic backdrop. Arbortech Tree, Tolland’s premier tree services company, takes immense pride in nurturing these vital landmarks, ensuring they thrive and contribute to the town’s charm and appeal.

Honoring History, Cultivating Tomorrow:

Whether you’re strolling through the historic charm of Tolland Green or seeking serenity amidst the expansive trails of Crandall Park, Tolland’s trees enhance every experience. But even the most magnificent trees can face challenges.

Nature’s Fury: Tolland’s unpredictable weather can wreak havoc, causing storm damage and fallen trees. Our 24/7 emergency tree services ensure a swift and safe response, minimizing disruptions and keeping your property and cherished landmarks safe.

Silent Threats: Tree diseases and insect infestations can silently weaken these giants. While we do not spray and treat for diseases ourselves, our arborists possess the expertise to diagnose problems and recommend the best course of action, whether preservation or removal.

Growth and Change: As Tolland grows, so do its residents’ needs. Expanding your lawn while preserving healthy trees requires careful planning. Our expertise in tree preservation helps you achieve your landscaping goals while safeguarding these irreplaceable elements of Tolland’s character.

Your Peace of Mind is Our Priority:

At Arbortech Tree, we understand that entrusting your trees to a professional is a big decision. That’s why we’re fully insured and committed to your complete satisfaction. We’ve earned over 357 glowing 5-star reviews on Google, a testament to our dedication to exceptional service.

Leading the Way in Expertise:

Our team is led by Owner & Operations Manager Justin Valanti and Lindsey Sienkiewicz, a certified arborist with extensive experience and a deep understanding of Tolland’s unique tree environment. A certified arborist possesses the specialized knowledge and qualifications to diagnose tree health issues, recommend effective treatments, and ensure proper care practices are followed. Having Lindsey at the helm ensures that your trees receive the best possible care, maximizing their lifespan and beauty.

Safety and Satisfaction Guaranteed:

Safety is our top priority. We utilize advanced equipment and industry-leading techniques to ensure a safe work environment for our crew and your property. Our commitment extends beyond safety—we’re dedicated to exceeding your expectations. We listen carefully to your needs, provide clear communication throughout the process, and strive to leave your property looking its absolute best.

“Arbortech cut down a very big, very complicated tree for my neighbor in between our houses. Justin and his crew are very friendly and professional. He treats his staff great and it shows through their work. He went out of his way for me and cut and moved the firewood I opted to keep. His crew did a great job cleaning up.

I agreed to let them disassembled some of my fence to allow them access to the tree and they put everything back together to include new concrete footings for the posts.

I highly recommend this business for tree removal, they are very professional and attentive to the customer. 5-star service!”

Eric C.

Why Arbortech Tree Services?

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Mary Catherine Tebo
Mary Catherine Tebo
Timely, professional, courteous. They did a great job.
Jeremy Burns
Jeremy Burns
Easy to deal with, on time, clean work.
Brenda Bissell
Brenda Bissell
Very conscientious. Great attention to detail. Very nice to work with
Matt B
Matt B
Very professional and quick. Good price too
Christine Zaprianov
Christine Zaprianov
Great crew, very professional. Highly recommend.
APR Roofing
APR Roofing
They did an amazing job. Super friendly. Clean. Got there made a plan talked with us,and got right to work. They even. Set the wood aside for us. We thank arbor tech so much!!! Great job highly recommend
Ro Mur
Ro Mur
Everyone that we interacted with at Arbortech Tree Services was very friendly and knowledgeable. The team that came to cut down two of our maple trees, each over 50 foot tall, was fantastic. They were personable, communicative, skillful and efficient. They very carefully removed branches overhanging our powerline. In addition, they trimmed extra scraggly branches from several other trees, raked up all debris and left the yard neat and clean. We would definitely recommend them for any tree services you might require.
This is our second time using Arbortech to remove some trees, and they're the absolute best!!! Superior work performed, and the clean-up was beyond my satisfaction. They even removed a pile of banches ( some large) from two previous storms without charging us extra. Just great work all together!!! I would highly rcommend Arbortech to anyone requiring tree service or removal.
William Wyant
William Wyant
Once again I'm totally satisfied with the work performed by Arbortech. During the past eight years they have removed many dead and dangerous trees from my 3 acre property without a single mishap. The added bonus this time was watching the 4 man crew in action, a perfect example of a well synchronized team. I would highly recommend Arbortech for large and small jobs that are fairly priced.
greg root
greg root
Arbortech did a great job of trimming a locust tree and removing trees and brush behind our swimming pool. They arrived when they were scheduled, were very friendly, protected our lawn from truck damage and cleaned up after the work was completed.