Types of Tree Trimming We Provide

Be prepared for the next wind or snow storm by ensuring no limbs will interfere with your utility lines.  Pruning for line clearance (from the telephone pole to your house) can be done year-round.  This is not something Eversource will do.  It is the homeowner’s responsibility to maintain these lines.  We have no doubt prevented countless power outages by some simple directional pruning cuts!

Our landscape needs to be practical… That’s why it’s a great idea to maintain branch development in areas where you need a clear line of sight.  If you’re pulling out of your driveway and are unable to see oncoming traffic because of a few pesky limbs, give us a call!

If you’re unable to mow certain parts of your yard because limbs are too low to the ground… we can help!  If you have trees and branches along your driveway that are beginning to encroach on your drivability… we’ve got you covered!

Having an informed tree care professional out to assess the structure of the your trees is an excellent practice.  Developing a proper pruning plan is a great way increase the longevity and safety of your trees.  As a tree develops a trained eye is able to foresee places in the canopy where structural instability may arise in the future.  When we assess a trees structure we will  aim to reduce the development of weak co-dominant stems (or competing leaders), prune out places where there is included bark (weak connections often), reduce or remove large low branches, and correct an unbalanced canopy.

Deadwood is a natural development that occurs as trees shed limbs throughout the course of their development.  Deadwood can also be cause by mechanical injury, disease and/or drought.  It is a good practice to regularly prune out deadwood.  This practice helps the tree to close wounds, reduces hazards and yard clean up.

Looking to recover or develop a beautiful form on the prized ornamental tree in your yard?  Look no further.  Our tree care professionals are here to help you achieve your desired aesthetic.  It is best to develop a pruning plan within the first few years of planting so that we can encourage the trees development in our favor right from the beginning, however, if you are inheriting an already established landscape we can certainly work to recover overgrown trees and shrubs.