24-hour Emergency Tree Service During Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season for Connecticut begins June 1st and runs through November 30th with the peak of the season being mid-August to late October. 

As well trained and experienced tree care professionals it is our duty to be first responders when a severe storm hits our service area. That is why we offer 24-hour emergency response during these months.

Our 25+ years of experience in the residential tree removal industry has left us all too familiar with the impacts that severe wind, rain and early season snowfall can have on the trees of Connecticut. We have seen it all and have the expertise to safely remove precariously downed trees caused by storms. With the use of cranes, bucket trucks, tree climbers and grapples, we have the ability to assist you in the most difficult of times.
Our office staff is ready and waiting to take your call at 860-777-8902. During busy times such as these, we prioritize customers based on their level of emergency and how compromised the safety of their property is. We work directly with you and your insurance company to ensure the personalized and prompt service that you deserve.

We are a licensed arborists, members of the Connecticut Tree Protective Association and bring more than 25 years of experience. Get a free estimate today to get started.