Hurricane/Storm Season and Tree Work

Published On: September 27th, 20212.4 min read

Once again, hurricane storm season is here. It brings high winds that can damage trees and send them crashing.

If you’re concerned about your property getting damaged by storms, you’re not alone. But the good news is that tree damage can be made manageable!

Here’s how you can benefit from hiring a professional tree removal service, and what to expect in the process.

Why Trees Are Such a Problem During Storms

The northeast storm season brings down scores of trees every year. Like it or not, property owners often find themselves dealing with big cleanup projects.

Power outages are common during big storms, but beyond that, tree damage is the biggest complaint. Trees can fall on homes and vehicles, hit people, and snap power lines. And once they’re down, it’s hard to move them due to their size.

Cleaning up trees means having to cut them into smaller pieces and haul them away. But many people don’t own a chainsaw or have time for tree cleanup. So it’s essential to call in a pro to get the job done.

Every season of storms has the potential to bring down trees. So if you have any that could fall and cause damage, you should probably get a tree professional to do a yearly safety evaluation.

How to Survive Storm Season With the Right Tree Maintenance Company

Hiring the right tree professional can get you through storm season stress-free. So what does a good tree company do for you, and what should you look for when you’re ready to hire one?

First, you’ll want to choose a company that has experience working with all types of trees: large and small, all tree classifications, and types of environments. Some companies charge separately for tree cutting and stump grinding, so ask about that.

Another important benefit of hiring a professional tree removal company is that they can help you work with your property insurance. This way you won’t have to pay too much out of pocket for your tree removal. Your property insurance should also cover any necessary repairs to your home or vehicles.

Good tree care professionals also have great customer service. So look for a company that will keep you in the loop about all work that needs to get done, and be transparent about the total cost.

Got a Downed Tree or Two? Give Us a Call Today!

There’s no doubt that storm season can wreak havoc on your property, particularly when trees fall down. But if you’ve got a big mess to clean up, give us a call.

Our company specializes in post-storm tree removal and cleanup. We have experience clearing properties after hurricanes and snowstorms. If you’re worried about the expense involved, we can work with your property insurance company so you get the best coverage.

To contact us about a downed tree and start the cleanup process, contact us today.

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