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Published On: August 12th, 20212.6 min read

All around the world, trees enhance the beauty of backyards, neighborhoods, and public spaces. When you have trees on your property, it’s easy to become attached — they are a part of your landscape and an important feature of your home.

But when a tree causes problems or raises safety concerns, it’s time to remove it. If you’re concerned about a tree that you think needs to be removed, keep reading below. You’ll go from researching “tree removal near me” to scheduling your tree removal in no time.

Why Tree Removal?

There are several reasons why you should consider removing a tree from your property. If a tree is diseased, dead, or damaged, you should remove it before it falls over and causes damage to your property. You should also keep an eye on trees that are growing close to your house, leaning over your house, or other structures in your yard.

Some tree problems are harder to spot but equally as important to identify. A certified arborist can help you identify hard-to-see issues like interior decay, pest infestations, and other structural concerns.

Your tree removal service might consider preventative treatments like limb removal and tree trimming before taking an entire tree down. The final decision comes down to what is safest and what the customer prefers.

Different Kinds of Tree Removal

If a tree is growing in an open area, it can be felled. Felling a tree is the most traditional form of tree removal.  It consists of chopping a tree down at its base and letting it fall while yelling timber!

Because trees in residential areas are often close to houses, buildings, and other trees, many residential tree removal experts cut trees down by using professional rigging techniques. These techniques may involve climbing up the tree and systematically lowering branches down with ropes and pulleys. When there is access, professionals may also use a cherry picker truck to reach tall branches instead of climbing the tree itself.

Average Cost Of Tree Removal

The cost of tree removal services depends on several factors, including the size and location of the tree in question. Is it close to your house or other obstacles?  Is it easily accessible for equipment such as a cherry picker and/or wood chipper? Are you keeping the wood for firewood? Or does the company need to dispose of the logs?

If you want to know more about the tree removal cost for your specific situation, you can request a price estimate. This will take into account factors like location and desired services. Getting a direct estimate is the best way to budget for your tree removal needs.

Tree Removal Near Me

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