Types of Tree Pruning

Published On: September 20th, 20212.9 min read

When is the last time you thought about the trees on your property? You may love to look at them, but are you sure how to best care for them? Trees provide air quality, privacy, a harmonious view, and more.

But are you caring for your trees properly? To keep your trees healthy for years to come, you’ll want to work with an experienced tree service company.

You may want to enhance safety, mobility, or aesthetics on your premises. Tree pruning will help with each of these.

Wondering what types of tree pruning methods there are and when to use them? Keep reading to learn more.

Tree Pruning for Safety

A major concern for every property owner is safety. Pruning trees that are near important structures such as your home, playscape, and vehicles saves you from the risk of damage. Weakened tree canopies, heavy storms, and even snowfall can cause large limbs to break potentially impacting your property.

Another safety concern involves decreased visibility. You may find that overgrown trees are inhibiting your ability to see the road when pulling out of your driveway.  This can all be fixed with some intentional tree trimming.

You’ll want to keep up regular inspection of your trees. That way you’ll recognize the warning signs before it’s too late to act.

Tree Pruning for Clearance

If you live in a wooded area you’ll notice over time that the trees on your property may begin to crowd your driveway, roof, utility lines, and more.  If not maintained, overgrown tree limbs can cause a range of problems such as: impacting driveability along your driveway, promoting moss growth on your roof, loss of power during heavy snowfall, and/or lack of mobility with your lawnmower.

If this is you, it’s time to speak with your tree service company about trimming for clearance.

Tree Pruning for Beauty

Another type of tree pruning you will want to consider is for aesthetic purposes. An experienced arborist can take a look at your property as a whole and determine how best to increase its tidiness and appearance.

Pruning to ensure that your favorite ornamental trees and shrubs maintain their proper form is also something that requires skill, and regular maintenance.

Tree Pruning for Stability

You’ll want to consult experienced tree trimmers to assess the structural integrity of your trees. A trained eye can check for potential threats such as co-dominant stems. This condition is commonly referred to as “double leaders” or “two-stemmed trees”. It is very common and unfortunately results in weak unions that are prone to breakage.

Early-stage pruning practices that encourage one dominant leader on a tree can prevent this growth habit from occurring, however, this is often not achieved.  A trained arborist can help you to access the next best strategy to mitigate any potential problems caused by the presence of co-dominant stems.

Your tree service may also want to do a general crown cleaning to make sure your tree canopy is balanced and has proper airflow. Keeping your trees stable is key to maintaining their longevity.

Tree Pruning for All Your Needs

Next time you search “tree pruning near me” online, you’ll be prepared. You now know how to identify the types of tree pruning you may need on your property.

Partnering with an experienced company will not only keep your trees healthy, but it will also keep your property and family safe!

Looking for tree pruning services in the Connecticut area? Get in contact to request an estimate – we are here to help!

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