What is Tree Cabling and When is It Necessary?

Published On: April 15th, 20222.7 min read

Trees with poor structural integrity can pose a safety hazard in places where people live or walk, so it’s imperative to do everything you can to prevent accidents from happening.

Cabling and trimming are two of the many tree preservation techniques that arborists perform. When used together, cabling and trimming can prevent tree limbs from failing.

But what exactly is tree cabling? You’re in the right place to find out. Keep reading as we give you all you need to know.

What Is Tree Cabling?

Well-trained arborists can identify trees that are in danger of falling on structures or passersby, and they can install cables to shore them up.

These cables provide support that prevents the tree from splitting apart. It’s a preventive measure that reduces the risk to people and property.

The cabling process is non-invasive, and the cables themselves are barely visible once installed.

When Is Tree Cabling Necessary?

Here are some common scenarios where you might consider having this service performed:

  • Your tree has a codominant stem, or weak junction often referred to as a “V-crotch” due to its narrow-angle of attachment
  • Your tree has long, heavy, or over-extended branches prone to breakage during high winds and snow
  • You have small children or pets who play under your trees
  • Your property includes walkways frequented by pedestrians who would be endangered if a branch fell

If you’re looking for arborist services in Connecticut because you’re aware of trees that tick a few of these boxes, get an estimate from us today.

Cabling and Trimming Work Together

Tree cabling and trimming can be used together, particularly in large trees that need additional support. A tree-support system involves setting a cable between two or more branches to prevent them from failing due to poor attachment, included bark or weather-related stress.

Cabling involves attaching a steel or fiber rope between two tree limbs, while trimming reduces the chance of limbs becoming too heavy and causing undue stress.

If your tree has heavy or unusually large limbs, consider having these methods done to provide added stability. Trimming and cabling work together to prevent dangerous consequences that come from falling limbs during severe weather conditions.

Both methods can help reduce the risk of property damage from falling limbs by both adding additional support to weak parts of the tree’s structure, and removing obstructing limbs.

Other Benefits of Cabling

Tree cabling is also a good option for trees with weak branch unions or crotches.

When the tree is young, it can be trained to develop a healthy branching structure; however, most homeowners inherit mature trees when they purchase a home.  If the trees have not been properly maintained there are likely some structural issues at play.

Cables are not recommended for supporting branches that show signs of decay.  Decaying limbs are not strong enough to support the tension of a cable. Therefore, this is a scenario where trimming is more effective.

Do You Need Tree Cabling?

If you’ve read this article and realize that there could be potentially dangerous trees or limbs affecting your home or business, we’re here to help.

Arbortech has over 25 years of experience and thousands of happy customers, so you can rely on us for tree services.

Find out more about our tree cabling or get an estimate.

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Arbortech is a great business to deal with. They did a big job quickly, professionally, and left our property in good condition. Lindsey, Justin, and their crews were all terrific. Highly recommend.
Laura Flavell
Laura Flavell
I needed to have a large Norway maple tree removed and wanted to get at least three estimates. Eric's tree service came out and gave me a somewhat reasonable quote of $3500, then a week later before I had gotten another estimate from a different company Eric's tree service texted me and said they'd be in the area the following week, I called them and they said they had to revisit the estimate. They came back out continued to tell me her personal problems and that my neighbor would have to move his trailer. She then sent me a new quote of $7231!!! I called Arbortech and Justin came over on the day scheduled and was my most reasonable quote! He also said my neighbor wouldn't need to move his trailer. Justin and his crew arrived on time and did a phenomenal job!! They are true professionals! They cleaned up everything. They had had to remove a fence panel and when they put it back it was more secure than it had been when it had been originally installed. Justin's quote was $4700 less than Eric's! This experience with Arbortech was purely positive I highly recommend this company! Thank you Justin, Lindsey and the rest of the crew, you guys rock!!
ILost MyShoe
ILost MyShoe
The service I received from everyone at Arbortech for a tree removal was absolutely wonderful. Any questions and concerns I had were answered and reassured. Justin and Lindsey were both so helpful and the value I paid for this service was outstanding. Super reasonable, and I would recommend Arbortech to anyone in need of any tree service. Super grateful and happy. If I could figure out how to add pictures to my review, I would. They did an incredible job with not just the tree removal itself, but also with a brush pile I also had taken care of. Again, highly recommend Arbortech for anyone who is in need of any type of tree service. Couldn’t be more pleased!
Teresa Brown
Teresa Brown
We spoke with Lindsey via phone after sending her pictures of an ornamental tree we thought was in distress. She was able to tell us what it was & how to address the problem...right over the phone! She was very professional and knowledgeable. Will definitely call/hire for any future problems.
Barbara Evans
Barbara Evans
Seven difficult to access trees cut down in one day. All debris was removed and the yard was left in great condition. I have used Arbortech in the past and will continue to use them whenever I need work done with the trees.
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Yvonne Brennan
Great service
Kevin Randino
Kevin Randino
Extremely friendly, responsive and willing to work with you. We went with Justin because in the short time we met him, he showed a real passion and knowledge for tree grooming. We have a weeping maple that was seriously neglected for over a decade. It was growing into itself and unable to properly expand. Justin immediately caught the core issues with it and trimmed it into a beautiful manageable condition. He was fast, efficient and showed a real care in the detail work. Would absolutely recommend Arbortech to anyone in need of tree work!
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Louis MacLellan
One word. AWESOME!!! We had 4 trees removed on our property. From start to finish what we witnessed was true professionalism. To Justin, Lindsey, and crew. Thank you!!!
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JanIce Trombley
Arbor tech was very professional, they did a wonderful job at a very reasonable price . They were very pleasant to work with
Michelle Hunt
Michelle Hunt
We had Justin and his crew remove several trees that were overgrown and had potential to fall near our home. They were on time, efficient and left our yard spotless. I would highly recommend Arbortech if you are looking for a professional tree expert!