What to Look For in a Service for Tree Removal Near Me

Published On: August 25th, 20212.7 min read

Many homeowners love to have large, shady trees throughout their yard. Trees provide a beautiful touch of decoration in your yard. Unfortunately, they may also provide significant risks for your home.

All it takes is one powerful storm to transform your tree from a gorgeous piece of landscaping to a life-threatening liability. In such cases, you may find you are in need of fast and effective tree removal services.

You may wonder if you can remove a tree yourself. In some cases, that’s possible; however, it’s often not advisable. Instead, you should search “tree removal near me.”

A tree removal service has the skills to remove your tree without it harming anybody. When searching for a tree service, ask these questions to clarify whether they are the right one for your task.

What Certifications Do They Hold?

As with many professions, tree services have certifications and accreditations that lend them credibility. After a storm, many tree removal services advertise their expertise throughout neighborhoods. Before contracting to work with them be sure to see what accreditations they have.

Some certifications include an Arborists license through the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.  To attain this certification, a companies employees must undergo professional development that keeps them up to date and informed about the latest and best practices in the industry.

Additionally, a Home Improvement Contractor’s license issued through the state of CT means that the company has taken the steps to register with the state.  This license indicates that they have a level of accountability through the Department of Consumer Protection. It is possible to verify the registration and ensure there are no complaints issued against the company.

What Insurance Coverage Do They Offer?

Contractors often tell clients that their services are insured, which implicitly offers the client security. However, not all insurance offers this security in equal measures. Instead, ascertain what insurance this company provides.

For example, liability insurance ensures that if the tree removal service damages your property, you won’t have to pay for the damage. Likewise, worker’s compensation helps you and the removal service protects employees if they suffer harm while removing a tree.

Most importantly for your interests, worker’s compensation protects you from a lawsuit if workers become injured on your property. To discover what insurance they provide, ask the contractor for their insurance company, agent’s name, and their contact information.

Usually, a company will happily provide this information. If they’re reluctant to do so, it could indicate a red flag.

What Referrals Can You Find for Tree Removal Near Me?

Most companies will offer referrals or testimonials given by their customers. These can be a valuable asset for determining how this service operates. However, this could be a poor representation.

Instead of blindly trusting the company’s referrals, discover your own referrals. You can ask people you know or find online reviews. When talking to people, be sure to ask about tree removal cost to ensure you can afford the company’s service.

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