Why Reviews Matter When Choosing a Tree Service Company

Published On: February 7th, 20222.7 min read

Whether you want your tree trimmed, removed, or preserved, a good tree service company should be able to help you.

But finding the right tree service to do the job isn’t just a matter of calling up the first one that you find and hiring them. If it’s going to be done right, you need to do your due diligence and check out customer reviews. There’s no one better to find out about a company’s professionalism, integrity, or ability than their former customers.

In this post, we explain why reviews matter when choosing a tree service company and give you a few pointers on what to look for. If you’re at a loss for how to find the right tree service, keep reading, and we’ll clear things up.

Why Reviews Matter

Reviews matter more than anything else when you’re hiring someone to perform a service. When it comes to tree care, you should definitely look at credentials and experience, but the best thing to go on is what former customers are telling you.

If a company charged too much or left a mess in someone’s yard, you’ll find out in the reviews. If they were rude on the phone or pruned the wrong tree, you’ll see it in the bad reviews.

You’ll also be able to build trust through reviews. As a company with over 200 reviews, almost all of which are 5-star ratings, we’ve earned the trust of new customers with our amazing reputation.

Using Reviews to Guide Your Decision

When you’re looking at reviews, there are a few places you can go. One is the company’s website. As you can see here, we proudly display our reviews on our website, so you can easily see what our customers say about us.

Not every tree service company will do this, however. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ve got something to hide, but it’s an indication that they might not have positive reviews across the board.

Check out listings sites like Google and Yelp to find out more. Look first at the star rating. If they’ve got a high average rating, that’s great news, but having a large number of ratings is as or more important than the average.

Next, start reading the reviews themselves. Make a note of more informative comments where the customer actually tells you something about the business. Look for mentions of interactions with the staff, details about the service, and whether they would recommend using that company.

Look for bad reviews as well. Sometimes, you can find out more from a company’s response to a bad review than from a good one. If the response is professional and cordial, then you know the company understands that its reputation is more important than one bad review.

Use Arbortech as Your Tree Service Company

If you’re in Hartford, Tolland, or Windham county, then looking for a tree service company is as easy as visiting our site at Arbortech. Whether you need tree removal, trimming, or emergency service, our well-trained staff of tree workers and arborists can help you.

Our reviews speak to our professionalism and dedication, so contact us to request an estimate and find out how we can help you deal with your trees.

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